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What We Do

Dream Forge Academy empowers working professionals with resources that enable them develop the capacity to improve the quality of their lives so that they may enjoy them more.

Why We Do It

Many working professionals are burnt out from delaying the achievement of their life goals in order to earn an income. That’s why our products and services are designed to empower them to actively engage with their life’s purpose and develop their ability to do meaningful work.


How We Do It

Our Philosophy:

Joy lies in the journey; not the destination

Our Mission Mantra:

Empowerment creates Expertise that FORGE Excellence

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

Our Values:


 Ease of use and decreased need for time, money and/or emotional resources to improve one's life.


Always maintaining positive expectations of success.


Creating products and services that are not only top of class but also inherently built to accommodate fun while learning.


Developing a balanced set of skills, capabilities, tools and exercises that cover a diverse set of subjects and topics that allow one to holistically grow themselves.


Honoring people's unique differences by providing tools that are relevant to all cultures, ages, economic/social backgrounds etc.

Who We Are

Tufts University Highest Honors Graduate: Political Science, Economics, African Studies

Certified Master Life Coach

"My life’s mission is to be an example of peace, inspiration and empowerment to all those around me by mastering the harmony of my mind, body and soul, and relentlessly chasing my visions and goals with strength, honor, patience and a will of steel."

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Divia Riga

Operations Manager

University of Witswaterstand Masters Graduate: Industrial Psychology & Sociology

Certified Master Life Coach

"My life's mission is to challenge social and cultural norms in order to find and live by my own truth, and inspire those around me to do the same"

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Gerad Robinson

Content Manager

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