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  • What is F.O.R.G.E My Life
    Forge My Life is a six-part book series about overcoming burnout and achieving important life goals by developing the mental capacity, emotional endurance and financial independence to do more meaningful work.
  • What is the F.O.R.G.E My Life Series About?
    FML stands for ‘Fu** My Life,’ and is a colloquial term many working professionals use to express a general frustration with life i.e. ‘nothing is going right in my life’ or ‘my life sucks.’ Especially in the midst/wake of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, this term effectively sums up how many working professionals have come to feel about their lives because of work-related stresses, uncertainties, and ever more demanding modern work environments. The F.O.R.G.E My Life (F.M.L) series is effectively an attempt to reclaim this term as a call to live fuller, more joyful, and meaningful lives. When chronic stress is not managed properly and is the result of our working environments it is known as burnout. When we are burnt out, engaging with the meaning of our lives inevitably becomes less of a priority as we endeavor to gain short term control over them to be happy, put food on the table, pay the bills etc. But there is a solution to a seemingly meaningless cycle of completing endless to-do lists—joy. Joy is a combination of feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and satisfied as a result of doing meaningful work that serves a cause greater than ourselves. This six-part book series is intended to be a comprehensive, and yet adaptable, guide for establishing a life abundant with joy. Each book will build your understanding of the Fundamental Objectives for Revitalization, Growth and Empowerment (F.O.R.G.E) Framework, which has been developed by synthesizing established self-improvement approaches from only the most renowned authorities and applying them to our universal desire for meaning, purpose and self-actualization. Regardless of what you choose to do with your life, or find meaning in, the F.M.L series will assist you to develop the mental capacity, emotional endurance, and financial independence to enjoy spending more of your time doing it.
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