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Establish A Life Abundant With Joy!

By Developing Your Capacity To Achieve Your

Life Goals And Overcome Burnout


The World Health Organization Defines Burnout As:

“A syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;

  • Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; and

  • Reduced professional efficacy."

Burnout Could Be The Cause...

  1. Constantly feeling overworked, stressed, exhausted and/or overwhelmed because of work-related responsibilities;

  2. Feeling demotivated and discontented with life because of work-related frustrations;

  3. Inability to deliberately establish a life of joy due to stress, the lack or time, energy and/or motivation.

...Burnout Sucks The Joy Out Of Life


In short, when we perpetually prioritize earning a salary, or attaining a promotion, over doing meaningful work, we increase our susceptibility to burnout and reduce our ability to experience joy!

Our Resources Help Working Professionals
Experience More Joy


Companies that struggle to keep their employees engaged also find it hard to remain profitable. DFA’s Employee Development Program helps reinvigorate employees by assisting them find meaning in their work thereby improving company culture, general enthusiasm and operational productivity.

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Employee Development

Improve Your Company's Profitability By Empowering Employees To Engage More Enthusiastically With Work Tasks By Addressing Burnout.  

Many people struggle to overcome burnout. All of our self-improvement courses are simple, relevant for your circumstances and full of practically applicable techniques, which enable you to establish more joy in your life and directly address your burnout.

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Online Self-Improvement Courses

Apply Practical Techniques Relevant To Your Unique Circumstances That Will Develop Your Capacity To Transform Your Life.

Many working professionals are demotivated by negativity. All of our good vibes merchandise is designed to enhance your creative space to keep you motivated and inspired towards achieving success in everything and anything you do. 

Good Vibes Merchandise

Transform Your Creative Space With Positive Influences That Motivate You To Achieve Success 

Most self-help books do not address burnout in the context of joy. Forge My Life is a comprehensive book series about establishing a life abundant with joy, which enables readers to develop greater self-confidence, secure more financial independence and live according to their unique values in order to overcome burnout and experience more accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction in your life as a result

F.O.R.G.E My Life (F.M.L)

Achieve Your Life Goals By Developing Your Mental Capacity, Emotional Endurance And Financial Independence To Do Meaningful Work.

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No one should feel that they have to sacrifice or delay achieving their life goals to be able to meet their survival needs. That's why our resources develop working professionals' capacity to do meaningful work in order to accomplish both.


How To Overcome Burnout, Achieve Your Life Goals And Experience More Joy:

  1. Click the "Get Started" button below to view our list of personal development resources

  2. Select the resource that is most relevant to your circumstances and/or goals

  3. Use the resource to overcome burnout and achieve your life goals


Motivation That Inspires Your Success 


Experience Joy By Motivating Yourself To Do Meaningful Work!

Reasons Our Customers (“Smithies”) Choose Us:


You will retain all courses and digital files received during training or purchasing any of our products for life! If you loose them just send us your invoice and we will email you a digital copy.


The Forge Forum is an online community of self-improvement enthusiasts who are eager to support each other conquer any challenge preventing members from experiencing joy or overcoming burnout.


World-Class Quality

We only use the very best resources, materials, suppliers and tools to bring you top quality products and services. Our Operations Manager is solely dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

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"I am writing this with so much gratitude. I was a sales marketer, and after working with Gerad and Divia and participating in their programs, I was promoted to the Department Manager. To be quite honest I didn't even see the potential that Gerad was going on about, he had so much confidence in me...he was adamant to help me become the best that he believed I was, because of the faith that he had in me. He does have high standards, I must say, but he was very inspirational to me. Gerad exposed me to the value of learning about self-improvement, he would find a way to convince me that continuing to improve myself would be worthwhile. The courses made me a better business woman, and I am proud to say that today I am running a solid catering business, which is growing at such a rapid speed! The most valuable lesson I've learned from Gerad was financial literacy, something I had never been exposed to. I make better financial decisions today because I can never forget the valuable knowledge you've imparted in me G. Talk about value for your money!”

Tebogo Ramatsie: Small Business Owner